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Leonora Aixas
Fundadora y Manager

After living in different countries working with multinational companies, I decide to slowdown the rhythm and settle in the Empordá. An area near Barcelona ​​where the color of the sky and the Tramuntana wind gives life have a different rhythm. It is then that I returned to the teachings of Indira Devi's book that my grand father gave me, to the connection with the Yoga philosophy, and I combined both experiences with my new passion: sustainability. This is the cocktail that led me to create the BohoPoh brand.

With what objective? to bring purpose in everything I do.




Since then everything has been special in my life: the search for sustainable materials, the endless talks with local artisans and artists ... each of these moments lived with awareness, contribute to the essence of BohoPoh.

" Boho " represents the bohemian style, " Poh " means Flow in Greek.

We invite you to flow and enjoy with us.



"Thank you grandfather for your constant inspiration and influence"